The main aim of the NETcircular+ project is to create a serious, practical and entertaining game, in both physical and digital format, that helps companies working in the primary, industrial and service sectors to identify, assess and prioritise strategic opportunities for implementing and managing circular and sustainable business models and value chains.

The name of the game, NETcircular+, was inspired by the NET POSITIVE concept, which seeks to help companies ensure that their net social, economic and environment impact is positive, despite any harmful effects their business activities may have.


Adopting best practices from successful games designed by the creative industry and other stakeholders, including researchers.

Dynamic and interactive
Creation of physical and digital versions to attract a wider range of users, in accordance with their individual preferences.

Easy to play and effective

User-centred approaches designed to guarantee that the game responds positively to players’ needs.


Modules which reflect the socioeconomic and environmental situation of each region and geographical context.


Elements which enable data gathering with a view to creating case studies and customising support and guidance services.


Link to circular and sustainable business models and value chains, tools and indicators, in order to guarantee that business strategies make a real contribution to sustainability.

Training and capacity building

Offers educational material which helps players learn about and become more proficient in the field of circular economy and sustainable development (learning by playing).

How does it work?

Company employees work either individually or as a team to identify intervention areas in which to implement circular economy innovations in their business models and value chains, with the ultimate aim of making a positive contribution to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.


To contact us:

Joan Manuel F. Mendoza
Ikerbasque Research Fellow