The NETcircular + toolbox is made up of 5 modules:


The main objective of the NETcircular + package is to serve as an instrument to train, guide and accompany companies in the industrial, services and food sectors in the identification, prioritization and development of innovations to create more circular and sustainable business models and value chains. For this, 5 innovation modules have been created, each one destined for a different but complementary purpose.

NETcircular + DIVING module

It consists of 3 informative videos: I. Agenda 2030, II. Circular Economy, and III. Relationship between the Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda. At the end of each module, a quiz with 5 selection questions and the corresponding feedbacks is presented.

NETcircular + ANALYTICS module

It consists of an online tool to calculate the circularity and sustainability of the company based on answering a 47-question questionnaire using a scale from 0 (null / not started) to 5 (very high / fully implemented), including the options of ” I don’t know ”or“ not applicable / not relevant ”. These questions are divided into 7 functional areas of innovation. At the end of each analysis block, the results and the corresponding feedback are provided.

NETcircular+ GAME module

It consists of two game alternatives, on the one hand the NETcircular + BUILD version and on the other the NETcircular + GARDEN version. The objective pursued with both games is the same: to build circular and sustainable business models, only that the dynamics and paths are different. Both are based on the use of cards.

NETcircular+ ENVISION module

It consists of using a series of templates and circular and sustainable business model patterns charts to define a business vision and devise innovations that can lead the company to create new business models and value chains.

NETcircular+ ACTIVATING module

It consists of the use of a matrix where to dump the innovation ideas in order to assess them from the point of view of their viability and impact on the SDG 2030. To do this, different measurement scales will be used using a predefined Excel sheet and NETcircular +. The final results will be put into a roadmap (template) to begin the implementation of innovations in the company.


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